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Lobby at Cheyenne Mountain Resort


ADA Accessibility

The guest with accessible needs can enter the Main Lodge, via the front automatic sliding door, located in the Porte Cochere (centrally located to the main parking lot).  The Mountain View Restaurant, Elevations Lounge and our General Store are located on this main level.  The Lobby elevator in the Main Lodge services all three meeting levels (also serves the Business Center). 

Main Lodge at Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Accessibility to guestrooms located in the Dove Creek Lodge comes from utilizing the main elevator, located in the lobby.  Once inside the Dove Creek Lodge, guests can utilize a second elevator that services all three floors of accommodations, as well as the parking lot on the lower level of the lodge.  The Quail Creek Lodge is accessible from the parking lot and does have its own interior elevator - which services all three floors.   

To access the resort pool, adjacent to Dove Creek Lodge, the guest would utilize the main lobby elevator to the courtyard, and then the Dove elevator to the pool area.  For the Aquatics complex the guest parks in the parking lot and comes in the front door of the facility.  Non-accessible areas are the check in counter and sinks in the public restrooms.