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Birthday & Anniversaries

Celebrate these most special occasions with your closest family and friends in our newly landscaped Cheyenne Courtyard or one of our elegant ballrooms. Our professional and imaginative Catering team will turn your memories of years past into moments that will be remembered for years to come. From original décor to delectable cuisine, your special event will be flawless from start to finish.

Birthday Celebrations

From one year old to 100 years old, your birthday is special. We want to celebrate who you are on this significant day. Whether it is a cozy affair with a few close friends or a grand celebration, our Catering team will assist you with every last detail. The perfect cake, in a remarkable setting, will make your day the most memorable yet! 

Anniversary Events

Commemorate the day your hearts were joined together as one. Whether it be your first anniversary or your Golden anniversary, we will create an event to honor your life together. Gather your loved ones in the Cheyenne Courtyard or an elegant ballroom to celebrate the many special moments you have shared!For more information, please contact Catering at 719-538-4007.