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The Pikes Peak region is a gold mine of outdoor activity, entertainment, historical sites, natural wonders and scenic beauty. The following easy-to-plan day trip ideas are designed to help you explore the area and discover unforgettable adventures based around your personal interests. Each itinerary listed takes into account the time it takes to explore various attractions and activities, along with time for driving and meals.
Go for the Gold!
(7-10 hours)
Take a day trip back in time to uncover the adventure and history behind America’s last great gold rush.
In Search of Mother Nature’s Treasures
(7-10 hours)
Explore the wonders of the wild by getting up close and personal with nature in Colorado Springs.
Caves, Caverns, Mines and Old Ghost Towns
(6-10 hours)
Discover the area’s rich heritage and natural history, both underground and above.
A Bridge Fit for Royalty, a View that is Gorge-ous!
(3–5 hours)
Experience the breathtaking Royal Gorge by surrounding yourself with awe-inspiring panoramic views.
Climb to the Summit of Pikes Peak!
(5.5–6 hours)
A trip to Colorado Springs isn’t complete until you experience beautiful Pikes Peak for yourself.
Experience the American Cowboy
(6–10 hours)
Saddle up to an authentic Colorado cowboy experience and hit the trail to learn all about Pikes Peak’s western roots.
Where the Waters Flow!
(6-10 hours)
Spend the day exploring some of the area’s most popular sights and attractions starting with the “Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado”.
The History of Fine Art, Theatre and Money
(3-5 hours)
Stroll through special exhibitions and view famous works as you soak up the local culture from Colorado Springs’ fine arts scene.
Whitewater that Sparkles Like Liquid Silver!
(10 hours)
Spend an adventure-filled day whitewater rafting down the Arkansas River for the ultimate adrenaline rush.
Rock Stars!
(5-8 hours)
Explore a true mountain paradise with the some of the most naturally beautiful sights in the Pikes Peak area.
Reaching for the Stars…and Stripes!
(3-4 hours)
Pay tribute to the brave men and women who serve in the United States Air Force and get a sneak peak behind the scenes at military life on base.