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Alluvia Spa and Wellness Retreat

Cheyenne Mountain... the majestic outcome of millions of years of geographical upheaval. Buried deep inside her rock walls lies evidence of past ages and mineral-rich deposits of stone and sand. A hidden tribute to a world gone by. But her surface offers a beauty that's a testament to nature's splendor. 

Alluvia is a sanctuary for your body, mind, and soul.

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Explore Alluvia's natural and relaxing environment.

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We offer a diverse array of services that can be tailored to individual needs.

Alluvia Spa & Wellness Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain Resort

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Spa Day Packages at Cheyenne Mountain Resort

 Spa Day Packages




Tranquil Bath & Body System at Cheyenne Mountain Resort


When the frenzy of every day life, stress and lack of sleep take their toll on your mood and affect your vitality and beauty, it's time for TRANQUILLITYTM.

This aromatic [ comfort zone ] nourishing bath and body system contains an exclusive blend of essential oils that helps you manage stress and rediscover a sense of profound tranquility and wellbeing.



Transport yourself to a tranquil state of profound relaxation through the synergy of soft brushes and rhythmic massage techniques with this innovative body treatment. Warm Amaranth Oil steeped with the essential aromas of Orange, Cedar and Sandalwood calm the mind while deeply nourishing the skin. Your mind, body and spirit is left restored and peaceful.

50-Minutes / $120 NOW $102

    Enhance your Tranquility Ritual by adding a customized Deep Tissue back massage.

    15-Minutes / $30

*Discount available for treatments received before December 31, 2017. A twenty percent gratuity fee applies to the full value of the service and is not reflected in pricing.

Detox & Destress Body Treatment - SAVE 15%


Instill a deep sense of renewal, purification and vitality with a full body recovery experience. This muscle-warming and re-mineralizing treatment begins with a unique blend of glycolic and lactic acids applied with a relaxing brush technique. Next, an innovative thermal mud with slimming and draining properties is massaged in. While cozied into a full body wrap, unwind with a light scalp massage. Conclude with a rich, exquisitely perfumed body cream applied to contrast signs of aging, nourish the skin and improve elasticity and tone. Body is left feeling vibrant and nourished from the inside out. 

80 minutes / $180 NOW $153


*Discount available for treatments received before December 31, 2017. A twenty percent gratuity fee applies to the full value of the service and is not reflected in pricing.


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Spa Special Offers

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