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Book your next adventure with an off-road jeep tour, rock climbing class, mountain biking excursion, fishing trip, round of golf, spa experience and more.

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Resort Activities

Experience Cheyenne Mountain Resort's impressive range of year-round activities. 

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Resort Activities

Local Attractions

Colorado Springs is brimming with the arts, culture, outdoor adventure, entertainment, and a rich old Western history.

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 Local Attractions

Outdoor Adventures

Explore our city's long list of outdoor activities and see why people keep coming back, year after year.


 Outdoor Adventures

Discover a place where you can do as much, or as little as you'd like. Where nature's beauty surrounds and there is room to roam. Whether you're experiencing the Pikes Peak Region or hosting a family getaway, you'll find life's special moments happen here.

So renew at the spa or hang by the lake. Enjoy the thrill of rafting or climbing Rocky Mountain Peaks. Feel the whoosh of a perfect drive or just share in the laughter of children splashing in the pool. 


Endless activities abound - how you choose to forge your own adventure is all up to you.