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Bighorn Sheep Canyon Half-day

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a bighorn sheep in the snow

The Arkansas River is America’s #1 whitewater river and it’s less than an hour away from Cheyenne Mountain Resort. So come stay with us and experience the thrill of whitewater rafting on a ride of a lifetime through Bighorn Sheep Canyon with the experienced guidance of local rafting experts at Raft Masters.

Splash along the Arkansas River for a half day of wild and wet excitement. Safe and fun for the whole family, try and keep an eye out for bighorn sheep as you prepare to navigate the frothy rapids affectionately named Five Points, Spike Buck, and Cowgirl Up. After carving your way about 9 miles down the river, you’ll load up on the bus and head back to Raft Masters. Wetsuits, splash jackets, and river shoes, helmets and life jackets are all provided. Photos that capture you in action are available for purchase. This trip is available 7 days a week with an 8:15 am and 12:45 pm check-in time from May 27th to September 5th. Upgrades and add-ons include an historic train ride, an off-road jeep rambling, a trip to Royal Gorge Park, VIP wine tasting tour, or segway moto track adventure. Read about the options, and the half day experience on Raft Masters’ website. There’s truly something for everyone!