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Rocky Mountain State Games

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The State Games of America are set to show down in Colorado for two weekends this month: July 16th to 18th and July 23rd to 25th and Colorado Springs is considered a premier venue among the state’s many proud hosts. That means guests at Cheyenne Mountain Resort won’t have far to go to see courageous, world-class athleticism in action.

The Rocky Mountain State Games is a multi-sport festival for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities including those with physical disabilities, visual impairments, and intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). Age divisions vary from sport to sport and individuals and teams are awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals. There are currently 30 states conducting or organizing state games around the country and Colorado is one of the chief among them. 35 sports will be featured during the two weekends, from the more conventional baseball, swimming, tennis, weightlifting and cycling to the more unique pickleball, cornhole, mutton bustin’, splash n’ dash, and a ninja challenge. What’s mutton bustin’ you ask? Similar to a rodeo, mutton bustin’ is when children ride or race sheep. Curious about Splash n’ Dash? Think bouncy houses in water with floating challenge courses that, with one misstep, get you wet. Ninja Challenge? We won’t give away all the details; come see it for yourself! To learn the schedule of a particular sport that interest you, visit the Rocky Mountain State Games website and click on that event from within the list. Game rules may be included, too. With more than 10,000 athletes coming to town to participate there’s no time to waste to book your stay with Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Give us a call to reserve your room for the weekend and be inspired by the State Games right here in Colorado Springs.