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Romantic Getaways at Colorado Springs Hot Springs

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If you want to visit a natural hot spring near Colorado Springs, you’re in luck. There are more than a few options for visiting some of the state’s best mineral-rich waters without having to drive all day long to get there. In fact, the three fantastic hot springs destinations on our list are just an hour or two away. There’s even one hot spring spa just 15 minutes west of Colorado Springs. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing hot spring resort for a romantic getaway, or just want to spend an afternoon relaxing in the hot springs mineral waters, our top three have you covered. Read on to learn the ins and outs of our top hot springs spots near Colorado Springs so you can get in and get warm.

Sunwater Spa, Manitou Springs

The closest hot springs to Colorado Springs is Sunwater Spa, located just 15 minutes west of Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Manitou Springs’ historic downtown.
Aptly named, Manitou Springs boasts fabulous hot springs that are only enhanced by a spa experience that includes unique cedar soaking tubs–a local favorite.
Not unlike other spas of its kind, Sunwater Spa offers guests treatments, classes, facials, waxing, and massages. The hot springs water, however, isn’t run-of-the-mill and has truly healing qualities. The water used at the Sunwater Spa is filled from the nearby Seven Minute Springs located in Manitou Springs. The crystal-clear mineral water is heated naturally between 99 to 104 degrees. Couples on a romantic getaway can book a tub for two for 90 minutes. It’s possible to book private tubs, too, or multiple tubs if you’re planning a spa day with friends.
In addition to the cedar soaking tubs, guests get access to the public pools, saunas, and even a cold plunge pool. After enjoying a day at the Sunwater Spa, take in the sights and shopping available at the nearby city of Manitou Springs. You can even go on a free Manitou Springs Mineral Springs walking tour where you’ll find all the mineral water springs and learn their history. With views that overlook the Rocky Mountains and the city below, Sunwater Spa allows guests will feel transported as they soak away their stress in the naturally hot, healing mineral water.

Indian Hot Springs, Idaho Springs

Feel like escaping to the tropics without ever leaving the state of Colorado? Now you can! Located conveniently off I-70 in the historic town of Idaho Springs, Indian Hot Springs is about an hour and a half drive from Colorado Springs. Its giant bath house is ideal for swimming or soaking and is indoors under a beautiful glass dome to make it feel like you’ve been transported to a warm, tropical location. There’s a magical moment when you walk into the atrium and see the banana trees surrounding a clear turquoise pool. Even rarer than finding a place that’s close to everything while also feeling far away, is being able to melt away your worries and lose track of minutes in an environment designed to give you what you need without sacrificing what you want. From soaking in geothermal caves and decadent spa treatments to secluded private tubs-your friends will probably think you’re lying when you tell them about all of your adventures here. The water in the natural mineral springs pools is spring-fed from deep underground and stays at a consistent 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you want something even hotter, check out the vapor caves. Inside the geothermal caves, the air is very humid and the tubs are kept between 104-110 degrees. If you’re a couple hoping for a relaxing and romantic weekend, or a family who enjoys a hot springs spa, the Indian Hot Springs Resort is the perfect getaway.

Cottonwood Hot Springs

Near the small town of Buena Vista is a wonderful natural hot spring called Cottonwood Hot Springs. Its creators took great care in ensuring everything at the resort was made of natural materials; the design and landscape of the pools and hot springs are made out of natural stone and locally hewn rock. Cottonwood Hot Springs is the perfect place for families or couples to unplug from technology and immerse themselves in Colorado’s natural environment. The mineral waters are naturally-fed hot springs pools that are heated between 94-110 degrees. Choose between quiet soaking tubs or enjoy a personal hot tub in your own private cabin.
Other services featured at Cottonwood Hot Springs resort include facial and body massages, energy scrubs, hydration therapy, and body wraps. The spa neighbors the town of Buena Vista which is very close to some of Colorado’s famous ghost towns that you can explore during your visit, too, not to mention the rolling hills of the San Isabel National Forest. Make a day of it, and spend the night back at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

These and more are yours to visit with your love. Make plans to get cozy with each other by dipping into one of our healing hot springs.