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Share a Romantic Meal in Colorado Springs

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Immerse Cuisine at the Carter Payne
Our list is in no particular order, so we’ll begin with a somewhat lesser-known, but must-try restaurant downtown called Immerse Cuisine. Located in the historic Carter Payne Church, this farm-to-table restaurant creates elevated dishes in what is arguably one of the most romantic dining rooms in all of Colorado Springs. Chef Brent Beavers is well-known in the culinary community for his creative flavor combinations and delicious comfort food. The menu changes often in order to take advantage of the surplus of incredible locally-made products and fresh produce grown in Colorado during different seasons. Pair your meal with a drink from Local Relic Artisan Ales, Araucana Bespoke Cocktails, or Crusade Wine Bar which all share the same space.

The Mona Lisa
Get cozy with your love as you satisfy your appetite with this hands-on dining delight. The Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant in Manitou Springs provides the perfect romantic setting with its intimate interior and sharable sweet and savory fondues. Pair each course with a lovely wine or cocktail. Try Mona’s signature 4-course dinner or dine a la carte to indulge in a smooth pot of Emmental & gruyere Swiss, classic brie, fontina, or butternut squash cheddar fondues. Saturated in the Parisian style you’re sure to feel as if you’re dining in the City of Love.

The Famous Steakhouse
Visit Colorado Springs’ finest upscale steak house, and you’ll tempt more than just your tastebuds. Enjoy their award-winning prime steaks and fresh seafood while listening to the soothing sounds of live piano music. Their menu features 30 plus Colorado spirits and wines as well as local craft brews, too. The Famous Steak House provides the perfect combination of cuisine, atmosphere, and entertainment making it an exceptionally elegant choice for celebrating this your being together. Reservations can be made on their website.

Caspian Cafe
For an elegant eatery with a casual feel and a bit of adventure, try the Caspian Café. Their menu boasts specialties from Morocco like Lamb Tagine, Kabob platter, Moroccan Roast Chicken, Moules Mariniere, and more.
But this charming restaurant serves more than food; it delivers an experience. On the right night, celebrate with their delightful Mediterranean dishes accompanied by live entertainment—belly dancers! Call the restaurant for special event schedules and to make your reservation.

The Rabbit Hole
We’ve featured this splendid little underground in a previous post, but it’s worth repeating! The coolest part is, it’s located underground in what is thought to have been the original city morgue. Nicknamed the “Wonderland of Colorado Springs,” the Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant and bar will treat your senses to a dreamy, mind-bending journey. To get to the upscale New American cuisine, enter the subway entrance on Kiowa Street which resembles a glass phone booth more than it does a traditional door. Don’t worry; the red neon sign is hard to miss. Once inside, you’ll be immersed in a world of gothic-style decor surrounded by murals of scenes from the original Alice and Wonderland film. Reservations fill up quickly, so call at least two weeks in advance.

Mood Tapas Bar
Set the mood by dining at Mood Tapas Bar located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. In true tapas style, you and your sweetheart can sample a wide variety of textures, colors, and flavors by ordering a bunch of small plates filled with bites hailing straight from Spain. Enjoy a glass of wine or an expertly mixed cocktail as you watch the bustle of downtown from the comfort of your romantic table. Don’t miss the hidden speakeasy at the back of the restaurant for a quick digestif or a long sip at the bar.

La Baguette Bakery and Café
The first of our two daylight destinations is La Baguette Bakery and Café. This cozy spot is perfect for breakfast or lunch and is sure to start your day started with warm and fuzzy feels. Cuddle up close to your loved one and enjoy the quaint scenery of Old Colorado City through the picture windows. The French-inspired menu changes seasonally to take full advantage of freshness and quality. If coffee turns into lunch, we recommend the delightful bowl of warming French onion soup. Psssst! There’s a hidden wine bar above La Baguette that is open on the weekends. Check it out for an ultra-romantic and unexpected night on the town.

Story Coffee Co.
Our last stop is another first stop in your day. Story Coffee Co. is your quintessential cute coffee shop located in a tiny house at the edge of Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs. Not only is the delightfully aromatic coffee shop charming on any given morning, but it’s also the perfect place to extend your date, from the night before with an after-dinner coffee, or a morning-after tea. Save room for a locally-made pastry or pop tart, too!

This is but a short list of romantic dining favorites; we have so many more and will be happy to share ideas with you when you arrive at Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Dine with us and around Colorado Springs, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with our city just like we have.