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Skate in the Park Colorado Springs

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The ice is open! Come and twirl to your heart’s content at Colorado Springs’ one and only outdoor ice rink. Don’t feel like skating? Steer your bumper car into a friendly fender. All this and more at Acacia Park.


Even amidst the myriad pandemic closures and safety measures, ice rinks remain safe and vibrant places to exercise and exclaim your joy. Skate in the Park Colorado Springs is our favorite place to do both. $10 dollar tickets are available to purchase at the rink and include skate rentals. Hours and schedules are listed online. Up for a challenge? Get a team together and join the 3v3 Pond Hockey Tournament Mondays through Thursdays in January. Need something to take the edge off? A friendly fender bender should do the trick; ice bumper cars will be all the rage this February. They’re just $10 dollars for a 12 minute ride. Look at the schedule online to decide when to collide with your new best friend. It’s everything you’ve been waiting for this winter; make it a date and skate!