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The Banff Film Festival World Tour

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The Banff Film Festival World Tour made a splash in Colorado Springs this month with weekend screenings at Mountain Chalet and simultaneously dropping its virtual bundle of award winning flicks for homebound film buffs seeking adventure on the screen from the comfort of their couch.

The Banff Center Mountain Film Festival is an international competition for filmmakers and documentarians who’ve produced features about mountain culture, sports, environment, adventure and exploration. Launched in 1976 as The Banff Festival of Mountain Films, this year’s Banff World Tour team selects about 35-40 films that boast a range of content and themes including climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, hiking, and more. Event hosts in Colorado Springs did their best to choose films for screening that best suited local audiences. But if you missed this month’s showing, never fear! Films are made available to watch online, and last year’s award winners, too. Complement the event by learning more about the Banff Mountain Book Festival, held at the same time as the film festival, and bringing the spirit of the mountain to literature. The book festival features guest speakers, readings, seminars, and an international book competition. For more about the Banff Film Festival World tour, visit their website.