Staff Picks

The Top Five Colorado Springs Adventures

By Brandon Ellis | May 24, 2021

Warning: This blog is not for the faint of heart. 

We have gathered our most daring staff members to pick their top Colorado Springs adventures. So, here’s to the thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, from white water rafting to a free-falling canyon swing, experience these five ways to live life on the edge in Colorado Springs.

  1. Bike Down Pikes Peak

Ask any Colorado local, summiting a 14,000′+ mountain is peak achievement. Riding a bike down America’s Mountain is where the adrenaline kicks in though. Cycling 19 miles downhill on one of our country’s tallest mountains is sure to keep your heart racing. Challenge Unlimited (part of Adventures Out West) makes this thrill quite the experience with a Jeep tour to the summit, certified guides, and well-maintained equipment. I don’t know which is better, the views on this scenic “high”-way or the wind blowing past your face as you jet down the mountainside.

  1. White Water Rafting

With the river often having a mind of its own, white water rafting is best reserved for those who can “go with the flow”. If you are looking for Colorado’s premier whitewater experience, then hit the class lV Royal Gorge stretch of the Arkansas River. You will get more than wet on a plethora of famous rapids such as Sunshine, Sledgehammer, the Narrows, and Wallslammer, just to name a few. The often-favorite part of this trip is rafting through the roaring Narrows where the river is only 50 feet wide, and the gorge walls are over 1,000 feet tall. It’s here where you’ll raft right under the Royal Gorge Bridge! Our partnership with Arkansas River Tours ensures rafters of all skill levels can literally get their adventure on while navigating the waters of the tumultuously technical Royal Gorge or the more family-friendly Bighorn Sheep Canyon.

  1. Cave of the Winds TERROR-dactyl

Next on our list is the infamous TERROR-Dactyl ride at Cave of the Winds. Sitting on the edge of a 200-foot cliff, guests get strapped in, hold their breath, and inevitably scream as they free-fall 150 feet into Williams Canyon! This is the first of its kind, reaching speeds up to 100mph, and it may very well be the scariest ride of your life. If you are hungry for more adrenaline after this thrilling adventure, the Cave of the Winds offers a Wind Walker Challenge Course, Bat-A-Pult, and other fun activities for your Colorado Springs afternoon adventure.

  1. Manitou Incline

If you look in the dictionary, under the entry “heart-pounding”, you will find the Manitou Incline. Revered by military personnel, Olympians, and seasoned hikers as one of the most difficult trails in the country, this 2,768 step climb with 2,000 feet gain in elevation is quite the accomplishment. Yes, the incline is only a mile long, but you will see people bail out due to the strain, so make sure to bring plenty of water! That being said, people from all walks of life have successfully conquered it, so why not you? And at the top, your uphill battle will be rewarded with a spectacular view of Colorado Springs and the eastern plains.

  1. The Cloudscraper Zip Line

Last but certainly not least, is The Travel Channel’s #1 Colorado Bucket List experience, The Cloudscraper Zip Line. If catching a bird’s-eye view is more your style, zipping across the skyline of this Colorado canyon landscape might be more your speed. This high-flying adventure is America’s highest zipline, you’ll soar 1,200 feet above the roaring Arkansas River and next to the Royal Gorge Bridge, making a memory worth boasting about.

Adventure doesn’t live far from our resort. On the contrary, our partners, Adventures Out West and Arkansas River Tours, provide seamless experiences from our property to countless breathtaking landscapes (all within an hour of Cheyenne Mountain!). Depending on the season, Adventures Out West offers everything from adventure level Segway tours to zip-lining. Other adventure favorites include taking an open-air Jeep up 14,115 feet to the summit of Pikes Peak and a once-in-a-lifetime sunrise balloon flight where you can soak in 100 miles of views in every direction! When you’ve had your fun, make sure to set a solid home base that’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying good eats. Trust me, you’ll need the break!