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Meeting Spaces in Colorado Springs

Meeting Spaces in Colorado Springs

With 40,000 square feet of IACC-certified meeting space with the flexibility to configure to your specifications, you have the room you need for making any business gathering you envision a flawless success. 

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Event spaces

  • Grand Rivers Terrace

    Opening out from our Grand Rivers Ballroom, this 3,200-square-foot terrace offers the best of both worlds — modern refinement and rugged wilderness. 

  • Centennial Room

    Host an unforgettable event in this 4,800-square-foot space. Purposefully constructed for enhanced acoustics, this is our premier venue for live entertainment.

  • Cheyenne Courtyard

    Framed by stone walls and illuminated by bistro lighting, this enclosure is between our Main and Dove Creek Lodges and offers 5,600 square feet of available space.

  • Quail Terrace

    Our expansive, 1,400-square-foot outdoor space is perfect for cocktail receptions. Surround yourself with good company and let the Colorado air lift your spirits.

  • Colorado

    Our finest event space awaits your discovery. A 2,500-square-foot reception space opens into a 450-capacity ballroom, ideal for treating your guests to a deserved night off.

  • Grand Rivers Room

    With space for 250, this event hall is well suited for parties and receptions. Or divide into meetings rooms: Arkansas (1,247 sq. ft.), Platte (1,247 sq. ft.), Rio Grande (1,032 sq. ft.) and Gunnison (1,075 sq. ft.).

    Rooms Included In Space

    • Arkansas
    • Platte
    • Rio Grande 
    • Gunnison
  • Arapaho

    Configurable as a 20-seat classroom, this comfortable space is the perfect launchpad for continuing education seminars, workshops and much more. 

  • Kiowa

    Sometimes, creativity needs a little focus. Offering 320 square feet of meeting space, this setting encourages ideation and imagination. 

  • Manitou

    Small in size, big on versatility. All 550 square feet are yours to explore and employ for classes, receptions, and even theater. 

  • Boardroom

    Gather up to 18 of your colleagues in this 700-square-foot enclave — a space exclusively available for intimate, banquet-style gatherings.

  • Amphitheater

    Captivate your audience from the front of this 1,600-square-foot space. Exclusively offered as a 100-seat classroom, the Amphitheater is a quintessential lecture hall.

  • White River

    Perfect for networking and reconnecting with colleagues, this roomy reception space spreads across 2,400 square feet.  

  • Remingtons

    Let Cheyenne Mountain serve as your muse. Floor-to-ceiling windows line this 3,200-square-foot space, offering up to 170 guests panoramic views of our grounds.

  • Dove

    A group of three 730-square-foot rooms, the Dove collection adapts to your needs. From a 33-seat classroom to a 65-seat reception, configure any arrangement to your expectations. 

  • Cheyenne Room

    Your portal to the great outdoors — this 3,000-plus-square-foot venue leads to our Cheyenne Courtyard, affording smaller crowds a range of ambiences.