Work Together, Play Together

Colorado Springs Team Building Activities

Colorado Springs Team Building Activities

Cheyenne Mountain Resort supports your goal of building a high-performance workforce of enthusiastic, motivated associates. We create memorable, interactive events, including fitness-specific team-building activities, knowledge growing experiences, and so much more — because together is always better.

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Looking for unique opportunities for your group? We are happy to partner with Imprint Group to provide customized Colorado experiences for your event.

Unique Team Building

  • Add pride in the organization
  • Increase energy & positive attitude
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Improve group communication
  • Learn effective team-building skills
  • Use change as a competitive advantage
  • Decrease factions 
  • Find perks in supporting each other
  • Increase sharing with others

group experiences & team building

  • Outdoor Adventure

    From White Water Rafting and Ziplining to Jeep Tours and Ropes Courses, our Exclusive Partners offer unique teambuilding experiences in the great outdoors of Colorado.

    Pricing varies based on group size and availability.

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  • Stacked Facts Challenge

    Group Size: 25–100+ 
    Skill Level: Easy
    Win a lifesize Jenga relay challenge. Before removing a piece, team members must answer a question about their organization/company or a Colorado-related question, relying on their team as a lifeline if need be.

  • Cause and Effect Charity Challenge

    Group Size: 30+ 
    Skill Level: Easy 
    Pick your cause and make a difference together. Depending on the need, you may assemble wheelchairs for the Wounded Warriors Project, make pet toys for the Pikes Peak Humane Society, or build beehives for the Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association.

  • Cheyenne Dauntless Dash

    Group Size: 50–200 
    Skill Level: Moderate
    Get muddy with your buddies. This Spartan–inspired race is a one-mile obstacle course, where teams crawl, carry, paddleboard, climb, and cross the finish line together to win. Customize event and obstacle intensity according to group preferences.

  • Build a Canoe

    Group Size: 50–150 
    Skill Level: Moderate 
    Will you sink or float? Find out when you work in teams using the materials provided to build a canoe. A representative from each team will then race 50-yards in our private lake or indoor pool. Teams can win for canoe construction and design as well as for the race.

  • Geocaching Hunt

    Group Size: 20–100 
    Skill Level: Moderate 
    A geocache is an item hidden in a location, with its coordinates posted on the Internet. Using a GPS device, teams use a set of coordinates to locate and photograph geocaches, each a piece of a puzzle or sculpture to assemble at the finish line.

  • The Amazing Race

    Group Size: Minimum 20 participants
    Starting Rates: $150 and up per person, depending on group size

    Our version of the hit TV show “The Amazing Race” combines indoor and outdoor challenge stations, taking advantage of our gorgeous Rockies scenery with the range of amenities at our Country Club. Plus you can customize the race and detours based on your group.

    • Every team gets a packet including a map, written instructions, clues, and activities at each specified location.
    • Teams amass points by completing a number of different tasks spread around the resort grounds.
    • Activities may include puzzles, exercises, sports tournaments, boating, and more.

    Teams of eight to ten participants are differentiated with colorful bandanas or custom company-logoed T-shirts.

  • Glow Golf

    Group Size: Minimum 20 participants
    Starting Rates: $150 and up per person, depending on group size

    Not your average shot in the dark, Glow Golf features fairways lit with glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark golf balls. Play under the vast, starlit Rocky Mountain nighttime sky on our Pete Dye course and putting range, followed by s’mores and a well-earned adult beverage. 

    • Fairways lined with glow sticks
    • Pins lit up
    • Golf balls glow in the dark
    • Golf carts lit with glow sticks
    • Glow-in-the-dark bracelets and T-shirts available
    • Enjoy s’mores by the fire and an adult beverage after the game
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