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Our Review on Cave of the Winds

By Brandon Ellis | June 21st, 2021

Cave of the Winds: Three Parks in One

Planning an all-day activity that pleases the entire group is nearly impossible, that is unless you happen to be vacationing in Colorado Springs! Besides being chockful of outdoor adventures, our luxurious resort, and world-class dining options, Colorado Springs is also home to one of the most multi-faceted attractions in the country—Cave of the Winds. Only a 20-minute drive from our resort, this scenic amusement park rises high above Williams Canyon and is so much more than what meets the eye. Part underground cave expedition, part alpine amusement park, our staff decided to tackle this mecca of fun and they reported back, so that you can get the most out of your own Cave of the Winds adventure!

Cave Tours

Before arriving at the park, it’s highly recommended that you book one of the two must-see cave tours that are available. The most popular for families is the Discovery Tour where you can learn the history and geology of these magnificent 7,000-foot caves and see some of the most beautiful formations. We were not only awe-struck by the alien-like, hidden landscape, we were also impressed by the wonderful tour guides who answered every single one of our questions. Remember to stay with those guides though, you don’t want to get lost!

For more daring adventurers who want to live out their own ghost story, the Haunted Lantern Tour might be more your speed. Here, we navigated dark narrow tunnels, low passageways, and uneven stairs for over a mile while our guide shared frightening folklore, scary ghost cave stories, and unexplained phenomena of the Manitou Grands. All this with only candlelight to shine on the dark stones in front of us.

Pro-tip: Since these tours can range from 45-90-minutes long, booking in advance will help you map out the rest of your visit. The tours are the perfect way to begin or end your day.

Mountain Experiences 

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at Cave of the Winds are the spectacular views of the surrounding mountainscapes. You should know that those views aren’t just a photo op! They provide the thrilling backdrop to two mountain experiences perfect for adrenaline junkies—Terror-Dactyl and the Frontier Zip Lines. If speed and sights are the names of the game, the Frontier Zip Lines offer an almost half-mile-long ride, 80’ above the canyon floor! For true heart-pounding, hair-raising, bucket-list-level thrills, there’s nothing like the Terror-Dactyl. Being the first of its kind anywhere in the world, this ride sits on the edge of a 200-foot cliff, launching riders over 150 feet into the Williams Canyon at nearly 100 miles per hour (yes, we’re talking G-forces)! Even our most “brave” staff members let out at least a little squeal, if not a full-blown scream as they careened into the unknown. It is a wicked awesome experience that everyone needs to experience.

Pro-Tip: It turns out that screaming at the top of your lungs can work up an appetite. Dig into some classic amusement park food like nachos and pretzels with beer cheese at the Canyon Rim Grill between thrills!

Other Attractions

The cave tours and mountain experiences may have earned Cave of the Winds their thrilling reputation, but don’t overlook the other family-friendly activities that bring fun for all ages. Above-ground attractions include the Wind Walker Challenge Course, where you can find your balance on a three-story obstacle course right on the edge of the canyon; Bat-A-Pult, an epic 1,200-foot round-trip flight across Williams Canyon at speeds of nearly 40 mph; Cliff Hanger Climbing Wall, a fun way to race your friends to the top of a rock-climbing wall; and Geronimo’s Leap, the ultimate way to test your balance. 

Pro-tip: All four of these attractions are included in the Pioneer Package which retails for only $27/person!

So, what’s our review? 10/10! The Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is a staple for the Colorado Springs community. After a day of Cave-centered Manitou adventures, come back and rest at our Resort. You won’t find luxury pools at the caves, but you’ll need them after some fun in the sun (or underground)!

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