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Winery Tour & Citrus Wine Tasting

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white wine being poured

Evergood Elixirs is a working winery at nearby Palmer Lake and their innovative vintners invite you to visit. So go ahead and schedule an exclusive tour and taste what secret lies in every bottle!


Evergood Elixirs’ “delicious and refreshing” wine isn’t made from grapes, but lemons! That’s right, their “adult lemonade” is gluten-free, vegan, low sulfur, and low sulfites, so what’s not to love? With sweet and sour flavor combinations that take on the names Skier Pee, Snow Bunny, Switch Stance, and Citrus Stomp, the winery just north of Colorado Springs has grown a nationwide following. Since the owner, Matthew Hexter opened the winery 10 years ago, his whole family has gotten involved in the fermenting, bottling, marketing, deliveries, graphic design, tastings, tours and product development. And when you book a Weekend Winery Tour & Citrus Tasting you’ll get to quench your curiosity and learn the ins and outs of the family’s creative process. The tour lasts about an hour, and at the end, expect to receive discounts on bottles and cases of the citrus wines you’ll have just tasted. Find your tickets for two on Groupon and schedule your tasting today!